Basic Drama Skills
Basic Drama Skills Teaching Unit

Basic Drama Skills

Drama Teaching Unit for 6th Grade (6 Lesson Plans)

This teaching unit introduces students to the key structural skills and forms that are necessary to undertake Drama effectively. It develops them across the key stage and equips them for GSCE Drama. They will also develop their ability to perform group work, independent learning and creative writing as well as their ability to evaluate their own work and that of others.

Each lesson plan has clearly stated objectives and learning outcomes. They are structured to include introductory warm up, development and plenary sessions. A home work task is also included.

Basic Drama SkillsTooltip

This teaching unit contains 6 drama lesson plans.

  • Lesson 1: Introducing Mime
    Introduces the basic skills needed to perform drama using the activities ‘Leader of the Orchestra’ and ‘King of Silence’.

  • Lesson 2: Creating The Perfect Frozen Picture
    How to interpret key moments in a story using the tale of ‘The Old Family Coach’.

  • Lesson 3: Stereotypes And Creating A Character
    Physical and vocal character development using the ‘The Old Ford Pinto Song’.

  • Lesson 4: Creating A Basic Split Scene
    Devising split-scene routines and listening skills through the activity ‘Shopping Lists’.

  • Lesson 5: Teacher In Role and Pupil In Role
    Develop improvisation, questioning and answering skills with the activity ‘Cops and Robbers’.

  • Lesson 6: Assessment Lesson
    Understanding mood and atmosphere, with groups devising and performing a soundscape to the class.

Supporting Materials include

  • Shopping Lists
  • The Old Family Coach
  • The Old Ford Escort Song

Additional resources are included in the Appendices

  • Basic Drama Skills Sheet
  • Marking policy
  • Baseline Assessment Sheet
  • End of Unit Assessment Form

The teaching unit is supplied as a PDF file, readable on most computers.